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Here at Trusted Travel our customers truly are the most important thing. No matter what the circumstance we will put you first, Trust that Trusted Travel will always put you and your travel experience first.

Airport Parking with Trusted Travel

Trusted Travel take airport parking seriously and strive to make it as reliable and convenient as possible for our customers. We want to make sure you have the best possible information to make the right decision on which airport car park to use. We also try to make it as simple and swift as possible to book with us, only asking for the minimum information we need to make your booking successful. Here are some commonly used terms in airport parking and ways we go a step further in making sure you get the airport car park best suited to your requirements and feel confident in your choice.

Park and Ride Airport Parking outside the boundary of the airport at a secure airport car park. Transfers of up to 30 minutes are usually provided free by shuttle bus although sometimes by minibus/taxi, at regular intervals as needed or sometomes on demand. Park and Ride Airport Parking is normally the cheaper option because of the greater distance form the airport.

On Airport Parking Using the parking facilities inside the airport boundaries. These onsite car parks are usually owned by the airport and are a short walk from the terminal, sometimes even opposite! Onsite Airport Car Parks are normally priced between Park and Rides and Meet and Greets due to them being on the airport but a short walk from the airport terminal.

Meet and Greet Meet and Greet parking is the closest and most convenient form of airport parking. You park at a designated meeting spot outside the airport terminal and a chauffeur takes your car and parks it for you at a nearby secure airport car park. These options are the most expensive due to needing a chauffeur and being so close to the terminal.

Flex and Non-Flex options - Trusted Travel tries to give you as much choice as we can while making sure the services we provide are safe, secure and reliable. One of the ways we do this is offering Flex and Non-Flex options for Airport Parking. Flex options are more expensive than Non Flex as they allow you to amend the time/date of your booking and cancel up to 72 hours before you arrive. Non Flex options however do not allow this but are cheaper because of it.

Security - We at Trusted Travel constantly monitor and perform spot checks at the airport car parks we provide, making sure they meet our very high standards. Security is an important factor which we look at on our TrustedScore (see below) and all our car parks include many different forms of security to keep you car safe such as CCTV, security fencing, regular patrols by staff (some 24 hours a day) and security lighting, many of the airport car parks we use also have been awarded a Park Mark Award.

The Park Mark Award is a safer parking scheme from the Police Crime Prevention Initiative which is aimed at making sure car parks are managed and maintained to a suitable level, therefore reducing crime and the fear of crime in parking facilities including airport car parks.

Safe and Secure Airport Car Park
Trusted Score breakdown box from Trusted Travel

Introducing the Trusted Score! - Trusted Travel go a step further than other Airport Parking providers to meet your needs and make the booking process more convenient for you. We have used our industry knowledge, creativity and technical knowhow to innovate and create the Trusted Score. The Trusted Score gives our customers more relevant information that is easily accessed to help them quickly choose the most suitable airport car park with confidence. The Trusted Score uses information from many sources including our own spot checks, thousands of previous customer reviews and many other variables to rate each car park on Accessibility, Price, Efficiency and Security. We then use this data to perform complex calculations to give a fair overall score for the car parking option.

The Trusted Score is designed to make it easier for you to be able to assess more easily and quickly which airport parking option is best for you. It is just one way along with many others including our commitment to providing the best customer service that we constantly adapt to be the best airport parking agent in the industry.

Booking Airport Parking in advance - Booking your airport parking well before you travel gives you peace of mind that the start of your journey is taken care of. Purchasing on the day when you arrive is a lot more expensive and the car park may be full so you have to look elsewhere at the last minute, don’t put yourself through this nightmare and book airport parking ahead of your flight with Trusted Travel.

Trusted Travel strive to make sure you have a more convenient, relaxing less stressful start to your journey, whether its a family holiday, weekend away or business trip make sure you plan ahead and book your airport parking with the specialists at Trusted Travel.

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